Current Date: 624.995.M41

Imperium: 3 Tyranids: 3

The Shield Crusade - a desperate fight to guard the outer edge of The Empire of Man against the terrors that wake in the darkness. We fight with no hope of victory, no thought of glory. We are The Black Templars.

Sunday, 24 February 2013

628.995.M42: Defence of the Shelldrake Silos

With it already clear that the tyranids were moving in large numbers out of the broken ground to the north of the Shelldrake Silos, the Black Templars moved quickly in an attempt to seize key points that would block any xenos advance on the complex. As the Templars advanced, the silos themselves were held by a scratch unit of Guild's Men and refinery workers.

Shelldrake Silos

Miners and Scott Guild's Men - a scratch unit holding the silos as the Black Templars advance

Even as the Templars moved on their objectives, a hoard of tyranids, composed mostly of genestealers and gaunts, broke cover, and raced to seize the same objectives which, if held by them, would open the way towards the silos.

Tyranid's break cover

Striking with speed, a Templar skimmer smashed a group of gaunts, which were close to gaining a low ridge which flanked the main approach. The tactical unit The Fist of Dorn moved quickly to hold the ridge, and control the right flank of the battle field. To the left, the Swords of St Clair, carried into battle aboard a razor back, secured a key hill. Between the ridge and the hill was a pile of abandoned storage canisters, a point where the Castallan and the Emperors Champion established a strong point to black tyranid advance.

The heart of the battle: Templar's and Tyranids lock for combat

On the left a broodlord led his retinue of genestealers up onto the hill, and, in a ferocious assault, swept the Swords of St Clair back towards the silos, routing them. The razor back moved to block the tyranid break though, holding the broodlord long enough for the skimmer from the right flank to cross the battle field, and break up the genestealer retinue.

In the centre, the strong point held by the Castallan and the Emperor's Champion was assaulted by a group of genestealers. At the same time a tyranid lictor attempted to infiltrate this position. In a clash of sword and claw first the lictor, then the genstealers were destroyed. This left the Black Templars holding the right and the centre of the battlefield with only scattered resistance on the left.

Emperor's Champion and the Castallan in hand to hand with the last genestealers.

The Black Templars had secured victory, but narrowly, and with some casualties. The Swords of St Clair all suffered wounds, and carried two of their number dead from the battlefield.

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